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Have you checked your blood pressure lately !

Author Joseph KAGABO On 2019-05-20 07:58:34 Read 4404 Times

Every year, 17 May is dedicated to World Hypertension Day, for this year 2019 it has been celebrated around the theme “Know Your Numbers” with a goal of increasing high blood pressure (BP) awareness in all populations around the world.”

Hypertension, contributing risk factor for global death is raised blood pressure – causing strokes, heart attacks and kidney diseases, and can also contribute to dementia.

Over 10 millions of lives are lost needlessly each year due to the raised high blood pressure.
High blood pressure can be caused by many factors, including :

1. Stress
2. Fear
3. High cholesterol
4. Plaque buildup in the arteries

Sadly, only half people with high blood pressure, know it. Many people who suffer from hypertension are not aware that they have it as there can be no symptoms, often people only find out after suffering a heart attack or stroke.

These deaths are PREVENTABLE……….And that’s the real tragedy.